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Kikkii the Klown performs kids clown shows and birthday parties at homes and party venues all over Melbourne!
Clown Party in Melbourne with Kikkii!

The show opens with the signature song and popular routine "Kikkii the Klown" to professionally composed and mixed music. The performance is enhanced with popular music throughout and a variety of music is used to adapt the show to kids of all ages.

Kikkii performs a lively juggling routine to music and gets the party moving. Impromptu stories with magic, rhyme and riddle occur throughout the party.

Kids have the opportunity to sing and dance to their favourite music. With the show in full swing, Kikkii introduces her canine companion, hypoallergenic clown dog, Star, a cute loveable Bichon Frise'. White and fluffy she resembles a teddy bear more than a dog.  At this point in the show there is the chance for the children to get involved and become Star's human hurdles.

Next be prepared for excellent photo opportunities as Kikkii prepares to sing Happy Birthday, the birthday cake is brought to the stage area and the birthday child cuts the cake making their birthday wish.

The birthday child receives a special balloon sculpture and each of the kids receive a balloon animal. The balloon animals are created with their own unique little story to keep the audience captivated.

kids clown party and kids magician party in melbourne Kid's Party Venue Melbourne with Kikkii the clown!

Some things to note about this clown show

What happens with kids who are scared of clowns?
It's true - some kids are a little scared of clowns. Kikkii has over 14 years of experience, and has gained a sound understanding of how children gain trust and confidence in the presence of such a unique character. "I allow the kids to participate at their own comfort level. My job is to ensure that the time I spend at each performance is a journey which demonstrates great respect and understanding of each individual child and their needs."

Are clown shows also suitable for all ages?
In my experience with thousands of children and their families, my performance appeals and connects with people of all ages. The bright colours, visual effects, quick witmelbourne clown, clown melbourne, magic clown and lively music ensures that kids and parents of all ages (even children younger than 12 months) enjoy the show.

How is Kikkii more than a regular clown act?
Kikkii's show contains professionally composed and mixed music, amazing tricks performed by her clown dog 'Star', and originally designed costume and makeup. She has traveled the world performing as a clown and magician full-time for over 14 years.

Can the kids come in fancy dress?
Kikkii would be thrilled to have party goers dress up. A clown theme is a great idea!!

Here's what kids and parents have to say about their Birthday Party!

• Wilson's 4th Birthday Party with Kikkii - Clown magic show

Thank you so much. All the kids and parent had a wonderful time. They really enjoyed it! I know a few parents will book their kids birthday party here.

• Mia's 4th Birthday Party at Trick or Treat Party Venue

Thanks for a great party, the kids and parents thought it was spectacular!!

• Gina's clown party with Kikkii the Klown at Trick or Treat Party Venue

It was great entertainment, kids loved it and even the adults too. Kikkii's ACE!

• Nicola's 6th Birthday Party with Kikkii - Clown magic show

Great show as usual. Very entertaining - we will have you again soon.

• Mia's 6th Birthday Party, Magic and Clown show at Trick or Treat Party Venue

Really good. Mind blowing. Absolutely fantastic! Highly recommended.

• Bella's 5th Birthday Party, Magic and Clown show at Trick or Treat Party Venue

Had an absolutely fantastic time. Brilliant fun, children loved it. Highly recommended. Bright colours, melodious rhymes, excellent catering. Friendly, helpful staff.

• Julian's 5th Birthday Party with Kikkii - Clown magic show

We had the greatest time. Kikkii was excellent. The kids had a ball! The food was fresh and tasty!